Improve Your Work Atmosphere With Office Cleaning

Universal Maids now offers office cleaning services. If you are a commercial business with a large square footage that is just too difficult for your current employees to maintain on a weekly basis, our cleaning professionals will work around your schedule to make sure your working environment is as tidy and neat as possible. We know that a well-kept workplace has been said to increase productivity, decrease distraction and anxiety in employees, and it is our goal to help make that happen for your business.

We encourage you to give us a call or contact us through our website to learn about our various services. We can also offer you a quote at that time. This is the perfect opportunity to ask us questions that will put your mind at ease in hiring a professional cleaning service such as Universal Maids. Some clients like to know more about the cleaning products we use, which is sometimes important depending on the factory space or company space. Again we are happy to go over all of this information with you. Just give us a call and let’s get your space on the road to clean!

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Our Commercial / Office Cleaning services include:

Warehouses: We are not scared off by sweeping and washing floors in a building with a large square footage. We’ll scour spills, dust shelves, and improve the look and ambiance of your warehouse space.

Gyms: You won’t scare us with sweat. Universal Maids will wipe down your equipment, leaving your workout space pristine and ready to serve your next group of customers. Don’t hesitate to book us for maintenance cleanings at your desired time intervals.

Cubicle rooms with heavy tech equipment. We use special alcohol-free and lint free tech-care wipes to dust and de-grease the tech equipment; we wipe down desks and take out the trash from all bins.

Call centers: Lightly dust all tech equipment and clean with tech-care wipes.

Traditional offices: We dust and wipe down all office equipment, removing trash as well. Office bathrooms are scrubbed and disinfected. We also deep-clean your office kitchen, including counters, microwaves, and floors.

If you have customers or clients that enter your office or commercial retail space, then you want to provide a good impression right from the get go. A big part of that impression is a clean and organized space. Nothing turns off clients more than walking into a building filled with filth, dirt, dust, and grime. It creates a negative image of the company as a whole. Here’s the problem, if you own the company or business then your time is likely filled with business-related matters. There is no time left for cleaning. So what is the solution?

That’s when us here at Universal Maids are happy to step in and get things spic and span for you and your clients. We service Nassau County and nearby communities in Long Island, New York providing all our clients with a high-level of services. You can set up the services you need/require, provide us with any special requests/instructions that we are happy to follow, and set up the schedule that works for you. Many of our clients prefer us to clean during non-business hours, which is overnight. We can come as many days/nights of the week you need in order to keep your space clean. Universal Maids offer cleaning services and window and carpet cleaning in throughout Nassau County.