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The idea of renting out homes through a service like Airbnb has caught people’s attention worldwide. Since it is an excellent way to bring in extra cash, a large number of homeowners are enjoying the experience of airbnb-ing and welcoming guests into their homes, apartments, villas and mansions.

Whether you rent out a part or all of your private property, it is extremely important to keep the space neat and tidy at all times. Well-kept and spotlessly clean homes will offer guests a wonderful staying experience as well as enhance your ratings, which will attract more guests.

Since renting out on Airbnb means business, basic cleaning of your property will not be sufficient. You should hire the help of a professional Airbnb cleaning company in or near your location. If your property is located in & near Melville, Hicksville, Garden City, or nearby communities throughout long island, you should head over to the Universal Maids which carries specialization in Airbnb cleaning of homes and apartments.

Universal Maids – Your Ideal Airbnb Cleaning Partner

Airbnb cleaning is different from basic or general cleaning.

When you are in the business of renting out homes to guests from different parts of the world, you have a constant need to satisfy and make your guests happy, in order to draw in more guests and make more money.

One surefire way to achieve that is to maintain your property in a proper manner. That is exactly where Airbnb cleaning comes into play. This is actually specialized, professional cleaning, which can be performed only with the help of skilled and experienced house cleaners.

At Universal Maids, we offer professional Airbnb cleaning for a wide range of private properties including homes, apartments, condos, mansions, villas and guest houses among others. Think of us as a highly trustworthy Airbnb cleaning partner, not just a cleaning service provider.

Our cleaning maids are highly skilled and trained to professionally clean and maintain private properties that rent out on Airbnb. We work with a large number of clients to keep their Airbnb homes sparkling, neat and clean. No matter what type or size of home or apartment you have, you can always rely on our cleaners to develop professional cleaning strategies. Our vacation rental cleaning is designed to suit the individual needs of property owners and homes.

With our Airbnb cleaning team by your side, you can always make sure guests will enter your vacation home and leave it with a smile on their face. This, in turn, will boost your online reputation and attract more guests.

Why Airbnb Cleaning Matters

When you are running a short stay rental business, even a small stain can leave a negative impact on the minds of guests.

If you plan to build an excellent reputation, you should always hire an Airbnb cleaning service that you can trust and that will add value to your private vacation homes.

Airbnb cleaning requires the application of special cleaning products and methods, unlike regular house cleaning.

Having paid guests means you have expectations to fulfill, a responsibility to offer a wonderful stay experience. You need to take care of the guests like a property manager does. Your property needs to be in good shape and state to welcome the next guest.

Airbnb housekeeping and cleaning involves:

  • Prepare
  • Clean and Sanitize
  • Check
  • Reset

These are crucial steps of the Airbnb cleaning procedure. As the host and owner of an Airbnb destination, you should make sure each of these steps is followed in a proper manner. During this type of cleaning, cleaners need to carry out their duties with the greatest attention to detail.

Why You Should Hire Our Airbnb Cleaners

Universal Maids is the perfect destination where you can hire the most reliable Airbnb cleaners and maids. We adhere to the highest standards and strict quality control to bring you the most trusted cleaning service.


Our maids are well-trained to carry out professional Airbnb cleaning for all types of private properties. Since our cleaners are reviewed on each task, feel confident that you will receive the finest quality of Airbnb cleaning. Our maids regularly clean Airbnb destinations throughout Long Island and its surrounding areas. We treat every private property with utmost respect.


Our strong vetting process enables us to select only the finest maids to serve your cleaning needs. We run a thorough background check on each maid before we decide to hire them. This means you can always fully trust all the maids that we send to your property for Airbnb cleaning. While you are working with us, feel confident that you are in trusted hands.

Insured and Bonded:

Be informed that all our maids are fully insured and bonded. The key issue with hiring cleaning maids is the safety concern. Universal Maids is a cleaning service provider which cares the most about the safety of clients’ properties. Our maids are well-trained in Airbnb cleaning and they handle each valuable object in your home with care and respect. Still, if there are any instances of damage, rest assured that you will be compensated for the same.


For over 10 years, we have been catering to the cleaning needs of clients in Melville, Hicksville, Garden City, Huntington and the communities that live close by throughout the Long Island. Whether it is Airbnb cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting, we have simply redefined how each of these tasks is performed. We hire and employ highly skilled and experienced maids to deliver you the highest standards of cleaning with the use of the latest tools and technology.

Let Us Clean Your Airbnb Property Today

Hire our top quality Airbnb cleaning services to welcome your guests into a fresh, neat and sparkling home or apartment.

Frequent arrival and departure of guests can make property maintenance quite hard and frustrating. With the Universal Maids by your side, you don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintenance. Unlike other cleaning services, we work with you as a partner who understands that you are running a vacation rental business on Airbnb and it requires everything to remain smooth. Our Airbnb cleaning services are designed to suit the individual needs of every property owner. Based on what exactly your needs are, we can always customize our services to fulfill your cleaning needs in the most satisfying and professional manner.

Since we focus on client convenience more than anything else, we can always work around your schedule to perform cleaning at your Airbnb home, apartment, villa or mansion. Our ultimate goal is to help you maintain 5-star ratings so that you can keep attracting guests. That is exactly why the quality of cleaning needs to be top-notch and spectacular every time.

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