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House cleaning chores don’t just take a lot of time, but they are exhausting as well. If you are working professional or parent with little free time, the task will easily overwhelm you. But it is important to get rid of the mess of your home and keep it in good order. It is crucial to keep your home clean, safe and healthy. That is exactly where professional house cleaning services come into play.

It used to be that a stay-at-home parents was a common thing to find, nowadays it’s hard to find a family where both adults don’t work. As well with many single-parent families, the odds of someone being at home shrinks even more. With all of that in mind it can be rather difficult to find time to get the house cleaning done, especially when you’ve got extracurricular activities, appointments, traffic delays, and more to add to your already busy schedule.

It really comes as no wonder that people are seeking out the services of a house cleaner more and more often.

A pristine home is what every homeowner aims for. Professional cleaners and house maids are specially trained to perform the cleaning task in an effective manner. Whether you are looking for home cleaning services on a regular, weekly or monthly basis, you should always choose to work with a reputed, experienced cleaning company. Hiring a cleaning agency in your location will lighten the load and save you a lot of your precious time. This means you can spend the saved, free time on things and activities that are interesting and close to your heart.

How Our Cleaning Services Works

1. If you are interested in our cleaning company, call us or complete the form for a free consultation.

2. We arrive at your house, apartment/condo, or business location to assess the scope of work and make an estimate of the cost for the cleaning services. Of course, deep cleaning will cost more than any kind of follow-up or maintenance cleaning.

3. If you are satisfied with the price quote, we will schedule our cleaning service crew to come out at the agreed upon time. If you or any other family members cannot be home during a cleaning, leaving a copy of the key with us will ensure the work is done while you are working or playing.

A Clean That Measures Up
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Welcome to Universal Maids, Best House Cleaning Service in & near Melville, NY

If you reside in areas such as Melville, Nassau county, Suffolk county or Long Island, you should head straight to Universal Maids. Our cleaning agency has built a solid reputation for providing high quality house cleaning services. We have a passion for keeping houses in top shape.

Imagine the kind of joy you’ll feel when you return to a clean home or apartment after a stressful workday. You and your family deserve a perfectly clean house. At Universal Maids, our goal is to turn messy homes and houses into safe and healthy spaces which make living a lot of fun. Our professional cleaners are always eager to take your cleaning worries away. Working with a professional cleaning agency such as Universal Maids brings you a host of benefits. House cleaning services is the most requested and our most popular service. Universal maids have worked in condos, apartments, mobile home and mansions.

Whether you want our services for cleaning your home, apartment, mansion, a mobile home or other residential space, you can be confident that our well-trained house maids will always go the extra mile to fulfill your expectations. We have deep regard for the trust we share with our esteemed clients.

How We Clean Your House, Apartment, Mansion or Condo

Our plan of attack is both effective and smart. At Universal Maids, we have highly skilled and qualified cleaners who are trained to perform the entire home cleaning services in an effective manner – without missing a spot. Depending on your specific cleaning needs, our professionals can also come up with a customized plan. Our goal is to provide you with a remarkable cleaning experience so that you prefer our cleaning company over others again and again.


After gaining access to your house or apartment, our professional cleaners start the dusting task. Top to bottom and left to right is how our maids proceed. Each and every area and surface of your house will be dusted. Right from furniture, shelves and handrails to portraits, frames and TV screens, our cleaners dust all of these. Every home or house collects dust over time. Particles such as dirt, mold spores, hair and fabric fibers together create dust, inhaling which can lead to different kinds of allergies and other health issues. So, it is crucial to remove dust first of all and make your house dust-free. That is where we begin.

Often dust hides in the highest places which are either ignored or hard to reach. Our professional maids don’t miss a single spot where dust collects. While dusting may seem like a simple task, it is actually a task which requires serious attention and the use of some tips and tricks.

Cleaning Furniture Fabric:

When cleaning the furniture fabric, our cleaners first use a stiff brush to bring the dust to the surface. Then, the dirt and dust is removed with the help of a hand-held vacuum. This step makes it easy to make the tough stains more visible and prominent. Our maids go through the entire house to clean the fabric that covers the furniture. Before we use any home cleaning solutions or treatment, our cleaners will go through the manufacturer’s instructions. Abiding by the cleaning codes ensures your upholstery remains safe.

Our house cleaning maids use only high quality and recommended products. They might also test a specific product over a small area, where needed. So, there is no risk of any kind of discoloration to your fabric or upholstery.

Cleaning Surfaces:

Contaminated objects and surfaces can easily transmit diseases from one person to another. When it comes to cleaning a home or apartment, it is quite important to pay close attention to all surfaces, especially those that are frequently touched by your family, friends and visitors.

Countertops, door knobs, light switches and TV remotes are just some of the items which are in frequent use. These highly-touched surfaces require proper and thorough cleaning. When you are cleaning on your own, you can easily forget or ignore all such surfaces which hold germs. Trained maids from Universal Maids will identify all these surfaces in your house and wipe down as well disinfect them. You can feel confident that no single surface will be missed.

Cleaning Mirrors and Glasses:

Cleaning the glass surfaces and mirrors is a crucial part of the house cleaning process. Glasses and mirrors collect a lot of dust and dirt over time, most of which is stubborn. These dirt magnets can be found even in your home even if you clean regularly. Our trained housekeeping professionals will identify all such areas in your home and give all the glass windows, glass surfaces and mirrors proper and thorough cleaning. We’ll use the right type of cleaning agents and materials to get the best results. The cleaners will perform this exercise throughout the house so that all the mirrors and glasses in home become spot-free and streak-free and give them a shine you’d love to gaze at.

Cleaning the Kitchen and Bathroom:
Both the kitchen and the bathroom are rooms that required intense cleaning. In a kitchen, key items that need cleaning include cabinets, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, countertops, sink etc. Then, there are walls, ceiling fans and floors. Likewise, cleaning a bathroom also requires a lot of effort and time. While performing residential cleaning services, we’ll remove the items from where they are so that all the surfaces and areas in the bathroom can be properly cleaned. Our professional housekeeping maids will focus on each area, apply cleaners and scrub all the surfaces so that cleaning is both fast and effective.

Cleaning Floors:

No matter what type of floor your house has, our expert cleaners are trained to make it spotlessly clean. We have cleaned a wide range of laminate or tile floors. With the use of the right products, high quality tools and effective techniques, our house maids will mop and scrub and vacuum all the floors. If the dirt on the floor is stubborn, our maids will use a steam cleaner.

This is just a quick overview to give you an idea about how our house and apartment cleaning services will begin, proceed and finish. For more details about our cleaning services, janitorial services and maid services, you should feel free to give Universal Maids a quick call and schedule a free consultation.

Here in Nassau County and Suffolk County, Universal Maids is an excellent option for anyone looking for reputed home cleaning services. We are well trained to clean the smallest of spaces right up to those large sprawling homes, apartments, and condos. We treat all the spaces the same – meaning no space is left untouched by our cleaning staff. Our cleaning lady and house maids will look after all those jobs you don’t have the time to do, and those that no-one enjoys.

While some of our clients have us come in on a regular basis, others prefer to use our janitorial services for those times they will be entertaining, hosting a big event, or have just suddenly found themselves falling behind on the cleaning duties. Our staff is discrete, friendly, reliable, and professional. They can come in and clean while you’re at work for the day, which allows you to walk into a clean home, house or apartment at the end of a long day. If you’d rather, you can have them clean while you’re at home.

It’s totally up to you. All you have to do is contact us on the phone. We always welcome new clients!

Why You Should Choose Our Home Cleaning Services

If you have been struggling till now to find a house cleaning service which is a good match for your specific needs, your search ends at Universal Maids. Having operations in Melville and Hicksville, our cleaning agency has ample experience and solid reputation in providing professional home cleaning.

Here’s why you should work with us:

  • Our services will suit your schedule
  • We cater to your needs as per your needs and expectations
  • We respond to your concerns in a timely manner
  • We have a long list of fully satisfied previous and current customers
  • Our cleaning teams are highly reliable
  • We have been providing cleaning services for over a decade
  • We use top quality cleaning tools and products

Using the services of a housekeeping company is a good idea, if you want professional house cleaning done quickly. Universal Maids can send you several cleaners and house maids at once, as per your specific needs. If you have kids or pets in your house, we’ll make sure none of them is exposed to any kind of harmful chemicals. The safety of your family is our utmost concern. When our cleaners arrive at your residential space or home, you don’t have to worry about anything. They’ll come equipped with all kinds of cleaning supplies needed for the task. Even if you are not present, you can feel fully confident that we’ll do an excellent job.

You may also call us for office cleaning services or an ultra-deep cleaning before a big event. Do you have a graduation or anniversary party planned at your home that has you feeling a little insecure about all the attention your house (and your maintenance of it) will receive from your many guests?

We would love to assist you in making it sparkle before all your loved ones. If it is a last-minute dinner party that has you worried about the state of your home, we likewise will come out on short notice to clean your home to a polished state. We offer deep house cleaning services, move in/move out cleaning services, maid service and apartment cleaning services, basement cleaning services, event cleaning services and janitorial services in Melville, Long Island.

A lot of our work comes from repeat customers who require regular monthly, weekly or even twice a week house cleaning services. With so many families dependent on dual full time incomes, rarely is there time for the kind of thorough and consistent home cleaning we all desire in our homes.

So, Are You Ready to Hire Professional Cleaners?

If you reside in Hicksville, Melville or Long Island, Universal Maids is just a phone call away. Give our office a quick call right away to discuss your specific house cleaning and janitorial needs or gather more information about our services. You can also send us an online request for a free quote.

We hold all our clients in high regard. While serving your needs, we always ensure that you get the best customer service.

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