Professional House Cleaning Services in Melville & Hicksville

House cleaning services is the most requested and our most popular service. Universal maids have worked in condos, apartments, mobile home and mansions. It doesn’t matter where you reside, we have got you covered.

Housekeeping Services

A lot of our work comes from repeat customers who require regular monthly, weekly or even twice a week house cleaning services. With so many families dependent on dual full time incomes, rarely is there time for the kind of thorough and consistent home cleaning we all desire in our homes.

You may also call us for an ultra-deep cleaning before a big event. Do you have a graduation or anniversary party planned at your home that has you feeling a little insecure about all the attention your house (and your maintenance of it) will receive from your many guests? We would love to assist you in making it sparkle before all your loved ones. If it is a last-minute dinner party that has you worried about the state of your home, we likewise will come out on short notice to clean your home to a polished state. We offer deep house cleaning services, move out/move in cleaning services, maid service and apartment cleaning services in Melville, Hicksville, Long Island.

A messy room after cleaning

It used to be that a stay-at-home parents was a common thing to find, nowadays it’s hard to find a family where both adults don’t work. As well with many single-parent families, the odds of someone being at home shrinks even more. With all of that in mind it can be rather difficult to find time to get the house cleaning done, especially when you’ve got extracurricular activities, appointments, traffic delays, and more to add to your already busy schedule. It really comes as no wonder that people are seeking out the services of a house cleaner more and more often.

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Here in Nassau County and Suffolk County, Universal Maids is an excellent option for anyone looking for help with their home cleaning. We are well trained to clean the smallest of spaces right up to those large sprawling homes, apartments, and condos. We treat all the spaces the same – meaning no space is left untouched by our cleaning staff. We’ll look after all those jobs you don’t have the time to do, and those jobs that no-one enjoys.

While some of our clients have us come in on a regular basis, others prefer to use our services for those times they will be entertaining, hosting a big event, or have just suddenly found themselves falling behind on the cleaning duties. Our staff is discrete, friendly, reliable, and professional. They can come in and clean while you’re at work for the day, which allows you to walk into a clean home at the end of a long day. If you’d rather, you can have them clean while you’re at home. It’s totally up to you. All you have to do is contact us on the phone. We always welcome new clients!