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Keeping offices and workplaces clean is vital. Dirt, dust, allergens and pathogens can gather and hide anywhere in the office and this can lead to unwanted growth of harmful germs and bacteria. Different types of illnesses will then spread around the workplaces.

That is why it is extremely important to ensure that your offices and commercial spaces stay well-kept and tidy at all times.

More importantly, as a responsible business owner, you should choose a reputable office cleaning service. You’ll come across many cleaning services out there. Most of them will perform only minimal cleaning with quick vacuuming and emptying of trash. Commercial cleaning or office cleaning is a task that should always be performed by professionals.

You should always hire a business cleaning service which has multiple years of experience under the belt, uses the latest techniques and top quality equipment and tools to carry out the task.

Why Commercial Cleaning is Important for Your Business?

Commercial cleaning brings ample benefits to your business. Given below are some key reasons why office cleaning really matters.

  • The image you project of your business is an important factor
  • Make employees happier and increase their productivity
  • Boost the morale of employees
  • Have fewer sick days
  • A safer, healthier work environment
  • Save money in the long-term

Whether it is the customers or your employees, all of them want to work with a business that pays serious attention to cleanliness and hygiene. A neat and clean workplace makes everyone happy and you project a very good image of your business to others. This makes business success easier.

Office Cleaning Services that We Offer

No cleaning task is too big or small for Universal Maids. Whether it’s regular workplace cleaning or air-conditioning cleaning in a factory, our cleaning professionals are quite well-trained to deliver remarkable results.


Regular maintenance is essential for keeping warehouses well-kept and in good order. Today’s warehouses are large workspaces, which can quickly become unorganized due to lack of proper cleaning. Therefore, it is important that you see to it that your warehouses are clean and well-organized. If the warehouses are well-kept, you’ll have increased productivity and keep workers protected against different types of hazards. Our cleaning teams are both well-trained to efficiently carry out warehouse cleaning projects. From prep work and preliminary cleaning to addressing high areas and cleaning floors, our cleaning professionals will always do an excellent job and enhance the look and ambiance of your warehouse spaces.


Of all the other aspects of gym management, maintaining a healthy environment for gym members is the most important part. If left uncleaned, the gym equipment can quickly breed germs and pathogens and put the health of the members at risk. To avoid this unfortunate scenario, you should always keep your gym space neat and tidy. Whether you operate a high-end gym or a budget gym, cleanliness is something that you can never ignore. Trained cleaning professionals from Universal Maids will perform professional maintenance cleaning and give your gym the neat and tidy look that it really needs and make it ready for your next group of members. We can schedule our gym cleaning services exactly as per your schedule and needs.


Due to their unique design and structure, cubicles need specialized cleaning service. The cubicle walls are different from the traditional painted walls in an office. The areas of cubicle rooms also gather dust, dirt and germs more easily. Our office cleaning services include high-tech cleaning of a wide range of cubicles. At Universal Maids, we use special alcohol-free and lint-free tech-care wipes to dust and degrease the tech equipment. Our cleaning professionals perform a well-defined procedure to thoroughly clean each area inside and outside of cubicle rooms. We wipe down desks and take out the trash from all bins.

Call Centers:

A call center is a very busy workplace. The staff is always on the line and taking care of customers’ needs. It is your responsibility to provide the staff with a clean and healthy environment so that they can perform their jobs efficiently. As your perfect commercial cleaning partner, Universal Maids will focus on making the workplace an enjoyable place for the staff. Our cleaning professionals will ensure that indoor air quality is good and the work environment is clean and hygienic. We’ll lightly dust all the tech equipment and clean with tech-care wipes.

Traditional Offices:

A traditional office has several areas which need cleaning for a healthy work environment. If your office has a public area, it should be free from dust and stain. If you have carpets, vacuuming will be required. Vacuuming can be done at least once a week. Likewise, cleaning is essential for the working area, bathroom, kitchen, break room etc. Cleaning team from Universal Maids will identify all the areas which need cleaning and accomplish the task exactly as per your specific needs. Our cleaning professionals will dust and wipe down all the office equipment, scrub and disinfect the bathrooms, perform deep cleaning of the office kitchen etc. Finally, you’ll have a neat and tidy office to work in.

Universal Maids has multiple years of experience in office cleaning services. We have worked with a wide range and categories of businesses with unique cleaning requirements. Our professional cleaning teams have delivered remarkable results every time. We take pride in the quality of work and support we provide to our esteemed clients across industries. Our commitment to creating safer and healthier workplaces has helped us grow our business over time.

Our office cleaning services include daily office cleaning, contract cleaning, industrial cleaning, full building cleaning, carpet cleaning, glass roof cleaning etc.

Universal Maids – Your Perfect Office Cleaning Partner

Outsource your cleaning requirements to Universal Maids, one of the most experienced and reputed office cleaning services in areas such as Melville, Nassau county, Suffolk county on Long Island.

Working with Universal Maids means you’ll receive a professional and focused cleaning service for your offices, business establishments and other commercial spaces. We abide by the highest standards of cleaning while employing a variety of modern equipment, tools and techniques. We understand that every business differs in terms of the specific cleaning needs it has. Our cleaning professionals are well-prepared to successfully perform a range of office cleaning.

A Whole Range of Cleaning Services:

Universal Maids offers a wide range of cleaning services for its esteemed clients including move-in/move-out cleaning, deep cleaning, maid service, house cleaning etc. Many cleaning companies provide only basic cleaning services. But you should always choose to work with a cleaning company which has wide expertise in different types of cleaning. If your current commercial cleaner doesn’t have cleaning expertise, you should hire Universal Maids as your cleaner and see the difference.

Protection against Business Theft:

Beware of fly-by-night cleaning companies. These cleaners send random employees to your workplace. These guys lack proper training and are not serious about their tasks. Situations like these can increase the risk of theft in the workplace. While working with Universal Maids, you can be confident that all your valuables and expensive items will remain safe. We respect your business assets and you can always repose your trust in us and the cleaning team we send you to conduct the business cleaning assignment.

Commercial Cleaning Plan:

Cleaning requirements vary from one type of business to another. Universal Maids takes the specific cleaning needs of its clients into serious consideration. If you have unique requirements, we can sit together, discuss the details of the project and develop a well-structured plan to carry out the cleaning project in an effective manner. Developing a plan is crucial in a bid to address the issues you may have and carry out the services as per unique requirements of your commercial space, office or workplace. Our professionals can make a visit to your workplace and help you identify the exact cleaning needs.

Advanced Cleaning Technology:

Our cleaning teams are well-versed with the most modern cleaning technologies. We hire only the best talents from the industry and keep training them on an ongoing basis. Whether it is regular maintenance or restorative maintenance, you can always rely on our knowledge, experience and commitment to a wide range of office cleaning projects. Regardless of what type of flooring you have in your office, we are well-equipped to utilize the right set of equipment, tools and products to carry out the cleaning task. We employ techniques that bring down the cost of commercial cleaning to suit your budget.

Flexible Schedule:

We are available to fulfill your commercial cleaning needs round the clock. You can set up the cleaning services as per your specific needs and schedules. We are happy to work around your schedule, so that the office cleaning project can be completed without impacting your business operation. Many of our clients prefer non-business hours for the cleaning. Depending on your specific cleaning needs, our cleaning professionals can work for days and nights in a row while adhering to the instructions you give us.

At Universal Maids, each cleaning professional understands the significance of keeping an office or workplace clean. We take health, hygiene and safety of people seriously. You’ll always find that our cleaning teams are highly dedicated and focused on creating a safer and healthier work environment.

Talk to Us and Schedule a Consultation

If you are in need of office cleaning services, you can complete this form or give us a call right away to schedule a consultation. Our team of cleaning professionals is highly qualified and well-trained for the job and always eager to help you create a healthier work environment for your employees.

Our business cleaning services are available in Melville, Nassau county, Suffolk county and the nearby communities located in Long Island, New York.

Our work quality is guaranteed. The entire team at Universal Maids is always focused on providing excellent service and treating your office space, workplace or business establishment with respect.

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