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Professional Basement Cleaning Services

The basement in a house is a potential place where a lot of junk can accumulate over time. In many houses and apartments, the basement turns into a storehouse of a variety of materials such as lead, asbestos and dust. However, you should never ignore the cleaning of the basement. 

A fresh and clean basement offers multiple benefits. If you have ignored the cleanliness of your basement till now, it is time to pay attention to it and get it cleaned as quickly as you can. Having a clean basement brings advantages not just for you, but it benefits everyone who lives with you in the house. Universal Maids offers professional cleaning services for homeowners including basement deep cleaning, garage cleaning, cellar cleaning and cleaning of walls and floors. It is easy for mold to grow in the basement. Anyone who enters the basement can be affected by these molds and get sickness such as irritation, coughing, itchy throats etc. With proper deep cleaning, you can keep your basement area fresh and healthy.

Harmful Toxin Protection

The indoor air quality of your home is quite important. If the indoor air quality is good, you can eliminate health issues and risks. 

The harmful toxins of the basement can travel to other areas of the house and it causes different types of sickness. A mold-infested basement poses serious health risks. Inhaling mold spores is dangerous for the respiratory system. Exposure to such an environment can lead to serious illness such as asthma. See to it that all areas in your basement including the basement floors and walls are clean so that you can avoid serious health issues and live a worry-free life.

Preventative Services

Dirty basements also become breeding grounds for pests, bugs and mice. This is due to the location of the basement. If your basement contains moisture, pests and bugs can easily grow. Cleaning of the basement will ensure that the basement remains dry and unwelcome guests don’t grow. While you pay attention to the maintenance and management of other areas of your home, house or apartment, you should also include the basement in the plan. To enjoy a healthy lifestyle, it is crucial to have a clean and dry basement. You should never forget that the basement is an inseparable part of your home. If the basement is dirty, dusty, cluttered and mold-infested, the toxins will eventually make their way into your home. Action must be taken before you are caught up in such an unhealthy scenario.

Live Healthy, Live Happy

Leave the task of basement cleaning services to Universal Maids. Our professionals have carried out a lot of basement cleanups. Regardless of what your needs are, we can always come up with a perfect cleaning program for your basement. From basement cleaning, garage cleaning and cellar cleaning to the cleaning of basement walls and floors, we’ll declutter the entire space, clean all items, areas and surfaces and dispose of the trash and waste materials.

Universal Maids offers comprehensive basement cleaning services in Melville, Nassau County, Suffolk County on Long Island. Let us turn your basement into a fresh, clean and organized space.

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