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Layers of dirt and grease in the kitchen, splashes and stains in the bathroom and stains on the carpet. These are some examples of wear and tear that our homes and spaces go through. While routine cleaning makes a house appear tidy, it can easily leave out dirt, grease, spills and drips in many areas.

That is exactly where a deep cleaning service comes into play. Homes require some serious cleaning attention – at least once a year. Deep cleaning ensures that all areas, which are usually neglected or remain out of reach, get thorough cleaning.

At Universal Maids, we offer top quality, affordable deep cleaning services to ensure your living spaces are as clean as they can be. This type of cleaning is required for removing accumulated dirt, tough stains, oil slick etc.

Whether it is a property you live in or a property you want to advertise to potential buyers, deep cleaning is a reflection of genuine care and love. A living space has multiple areas which require deep cleaning. Given below is a list of some of those areas in your home.

Laundry Room

While you may have been routinely cleaning your laundry room, deep cleaning of this room is essential. The areas between the machines, under the cabinets and behind doors collect dust and dust over a period of time. You shouldn’t overlook the deep cleaning of your laundry room.

If you have small children, giving your laundry room a deep cleaning from time to time is even more important. The washing machines in the laundry room are potential breeding grounds for germs, if not deep-cleaned for a long time. Dust, dirt, mold and detergent buildup are quite common in a laundry room. At Universal Maids, we offer top-notch deep cleaning service for your laundry room, performed by a highly dedicated and well trained team of cleaning professionals.

Dryer vents, when clogged, can lead to fire hazard. Likewise, the lint trap also needs thorough cleaning to avoid condensation from building up behind the walls. Longer vent lines make access difficult for cleaning. At Universal Maids, we have cleaning maids who are highly proficient with the deep cleaning of the entire laundry room including all the machines and cleaning supplies it has. Once our cleaning maids have performed cleaning all the machines and other items in the laundry room, they’ll see to it that the floor also gets a deep clean. They will reach out to every corner and edge behind the machines you may have overlooked.


Deep cleaning of closets in your home is important. Carpets, shelves, ceilings and drawers are some of the key areas for which you need a deep cleaning service. The area under the shoe rack, the corners of the ceiling and the inside of drawers need thorough cleaning from time to time.

The cleaning professionals from the Universal Maids will inspect every area and surface in the closets for dust and dirt buildup. There are many areas where you can’t reach during normal cleaning. We have the equipment and tools to deep-clean every such area and surface in a proper manner. After our deep cleaning service has been done, you’ll have spotlessly clean closets. Whether it’s dust bunnies or cobwebs, our cleaning team will find and remove all of them.


The base of the toilet, the corners and edges of light fixtures and mirrors, soap scum on glass shower doors and bottom of the cabinet and drawers collect dirt and stains over a period of time. Normal cleaning can’t remove these. To give all such areas proper and effective cleaning, you’ll need deep cleaning done by professionals. Universal Maids has been offering high quality deep cleaning for over a decade. Our cleaning maids are well-trained to identify all the commonly ignored areas in the bathroom and then give them a good deep clean.

Handles and door knobs of the bathroom are the other surfaces that require serious attention. If neglected for a long time, they can easily become breeding grounds for a variety of harmful germs.

Our deep cleaning service will give every area and surface of the bathroom a thorough cleaning while following a well-defined procedure.


The kitchen has many areas which can be usually overlooked during routine cleaning. The inside and outside of the cabinet, debris on the fridge shelves, refrigerator coils and vent, range hoods, stove tops, the oven, the microwave and the kitchen countertops are some of the areas that need deep cleaning from time to time. There are many other areas and surfaces like these.

At Universal Maids, we have a highly dedicated team of cleaning professionals who know every area of the kitchen like the back of their hand. They know exactly where to look for dirt, grease, oil slick etc.

Right from rinsing and scrubbing to washing and wiping off, we follow proper cleaning procedures to remove all kinds of stains and dirt, accumulated in several areas and on different surfaces in the kitchen.

Different areas of the kitchen require different kinds of cleaning treatment. Our cleaning maids are adept at using a variety of tools and techniques to perform deep cleaning. If your cooking involves the use of raw meat, the kitchen sink is a potential area for deep cleaning. While working with Universal Maids, you don’t have to worry about anything. We’ll take care of every potential cleaning area or surface and give your kitchen a deep cleaning which makes you kitchen free from germs and gives it a spotlessly clean look.


Bedrooms are the place where you enjoy a sound sleep. But if the areas and items in your bedroom are not spotless and germ-free, it can keep you worried and pose the risk of getting different kinds of infection.

Whether it’s the bedding, furniture, windows, headboards or ceiling fans, these can collect dirt over time. The areas under beds and behind dressers are other potential areas which need deep cleaning service. At Universal Maids, our cleaning team knows how to start with the deep cleaning of a bedroom, where exactly to look for dust and dirt and how to give them a thorough cleaning. Our highly trained maids use a wide range of cleaning equipment and tools to conduct the entire bedroom cleaning process in an effective manner for remarkable results.

Common Areas

The common area in a house has items like couches, chairs, rugs, carpets, furniture, baseboards, light fixtures, ceiling fans and a number of electronic items. All these items, when overlooked for months in a row, can become a home for crumbs, dirt and dust. It is crucial that each of these areas receive deep cleaning from time to time, apart from frequent routine cleaning.

Our cleaning professionals are well-trained to pay close attention to all the nooks and crannies and every surface where dust and dirt might have accumulated. Deep cleaning is a process which involves hunting for dust and dirt wherever it can be hiding. It is not a normal dust-up. Our high quality deep cleaning services include the use of various types of cleaning tools and solutions as well as a wide variety of cleaning techniques which we have perfected and mastered.

Electronic items such as the TV, the DVD player and the remote are heavily used. Just think of how many times and by how many people they are touched. That is why they need thorough cleaning. At Universal Maids, we make sure that not a single germy place in your home is left out. Our cleaning team will pay special attention to every place and surface in the common area of your house and remove the stains, dirt or pet hair that might have accumulated there.


While it is important to keep your garage well-organized, deep cleaning this space from time to time is also a good idea. A garage is a place which has a variety of equipment and they can easily collect dirt and stains.

A garage has a number of unused items too. It is important that you pay attention to all the equipment and tools as well as the ceiling and the shelves where you store a variety of stuff.

The bikes and the seasonal equipment can easily accumulate dust and dirt over a period of time. Cleaning professionals from Universal Maids have deep-cleaned countless garages, and so we know what needs special attention and how the cleaning services has to be performed.

Once the deep cleaning of the inside of a house is complete, the outside of the house is what comes next. The patios, decks, porches and the lawn furniture need deep cleaning too. Plus, the outside of your house might also have playground equipment and other items of large size.

By hiring a deep cleaning service, you can ensure that all the areas of your home, both inside and outside, get top quality, thorough cleaning. At Universal Maids, we carry over a decades of professional cleaning experience. You can confidently choose us as your cleaning partner and entrust us with the task of deep cleaning your home and spaces.

Does Your House Need Professional Deep Cleaning Services?

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