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A construction project isn’t really over after it’s over. As a construction or a renovation project comes to end, it fills the property owner with a lot of excitement. While the construction company or the contractor may have left, one crucial task still remains to be done – cleaning. The entire house, property or the facility requires thorough cleaning after the services of a contractor are done. If the services of the contractor doesn’t include cleaning, it is upon you to get it done. That is exactly where post-construction cleaning services come into play.

You’ll find a number of service providers that offer cleaning and tidying up all the mess left behind by the contractor. It is important to choose to work with a cleaner that carries a lot of experience in this field.

We Offer Cleaning for Newly Constructed and Renovated Buildings

At the Universal Maids, we provide high quality post-cleaning services for a wide range of property owners. Whether it is a house, an apartment or a large residential building, our cleaners carry expert skills and use the latest tools and techniques to get the cleaning job done in an effective manner.

Post construction cleaning isn’t a simple task. It doesn’t just include removing the dust, but this is a detailed cleaning process.

House cleaning after construction or renovation includes:

  • Removal of all unused scraps and materials
  • Removal of dust and debris
  • Vacuuming and dusting all the furniture, upholstery, fixtures etc.
  • Cleaning the baseboards, door jambs, window frames etc.
  • Cleaning the walls, doors and windows
  • Trim and threshold cleaning
  • Cleaning every area of the house after construction

This list isn’t an exhaustive one. Post Construction cleaners from Universal Maids perform a detailed cleaning of every room, space, wall and floor of the property which underwent renovation or construction.

Before we start post-construction cleaning, our professionals examine the entire facility or property to assess exactly how much cleaning is required, how many cleaners will be required and how long it will take to complete the cleaning. Once we have evaluated the job at hand and discussed the specific concerns with the clients, we’ll dispatch our house cleaners to perform the task. Our goal is to tidy up every area of the property and make it livable and attractive. Our post renovation cleaning services are designed to turn a newly renovated space into a home.

Our Post Renovation Cleaning Procedure

At the Universal Maids, we follow a well-defined procedure to carry out the cleaning of a property or facility after construction.

Removal of Large Items

Being the first phase of the cleaning procedure, this phase requires a lot of lifting and disposing of by the cleaners. As soon as the renovation contractor wraps up and leaves the space, they leave behind plenty of debris, waste materials and other inside large items. So, the team of cleaners first needs to clear up the property of all this unused materials and debris. So, this phase doesn’t actually involve cleaning, but it includes removal of all trash left behind.

Getting rid and disposing of all the large trash items isn’t a simple task. The post construction cleaners employ an array of equipment and tools to expedite the removal of all the unwanted items in the facility.

Apart from disposing of the large items, the cleaners also perform a general sweeping or vacuuming. If you got installed new door or window frames, the stickers and labels will also need to be removed. In short, this phase is actually meant to prepare the house or the building for actual cleaning.

Light Cleaning

This is the phase where the actual cleaning begins. During light cleaning, renovation cleaners use a wide variety of cleaning tools. Whether it is the drawing room, restroom, kitchen or any other room in the house, all the newly installed items and frames need to be cleaned. This cleaning phase requires effort as well as skills. That is exactly why you need professional cleaners.

At the Universal Maids, we have adequately trained maids who know how to carry out the cleaning in this phase of post-renovation cleaning. We make sure that our cleaners perform the task in a professional manner while also paying serious attention to the specific needs of the clients. During this phase, the cleaners have to deal with all kinds of items and objects. It is extremely important for cleaners to work with a great deal of attention and passion. Right from vacuuming the upholstery, wiping down all the high and low spaces of the house and dusting the grates and vents to cleaning the inner areas of the cabinets and cleaning the floors, our cleaners pay close attention and ensure no space is left out.

While working with our cleaners, you can feel confident that the job will be done effectively. After light cleaning has been completed, the house or the apartment is almost ready to move in.

Final Cleaning

This is the last phase of the post-renovation cleaning procedures. So, a gap of a few days will be required before carrying out this phase. During this period, the remaining dust will have some time to settle.

This phase of cleaning takes the least amount of time, as compared to the first two phases of post construction cleaning. Our expert team of construction cleaners will closely inspect every area, space and floor. Final cleaning will be conducted to remove any dust, smudge or fingerprint that can be found. Imperfections left during the second phase will be cleaned at this stage. After this phase of cleaning, you’ll find your home or apartment in a spick and span condition. Every wall, floor and space in the house will look neat and attractive.

Exterior Post Construction Cleanup

If construction work was carried out on the exterior as well, our cleaners will also check out the outside walls and spaces. Windows on the exterior may also require some clean up. In addition to that, there may be debris or trash lying outside. You don’t have to worry about that either. Our highly-trained renovation cleaners will perform the exterior clean up in an effective manner as well.

Why You Should Hire Our Post Construction Cleaners

Cleaning a house or a residential building is not only a labor-intensive project, but it also requires skills and experience as well as the right and the latest set of cleaning tools, equipment and products.

Here’s why you should hire our professional cleaners:

  • We strictly adhere to safety guidelines throughout all the cleaning phases.
  • Our cleaners are well-trained and have several years of experience.
  • We clean the entire property thoroughly and make it spotlessly clean.
  • No single space will be ignored or left uncleaned.
  • Exterior cleanup will also be conducted with great attention.
  • Cleaning will be done in a phased manner, paying close attention to each step.
  • Our team of cleaners is both bonded and insured.
  • You’ll save both time and money.

We screen each of our cleaners so that you have complete peace of mind. Everyone at the Universal Maids has a genuine concern for all clients. Our ultimate goal is to offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Schedule Your Post-Construction Cleaning

Have you added a new space to your house or got some renovation work done in your residential property? If you have, hire our cleaners for a remarkable post-renovation cleaning of your home.

At the Universal Maids, we offer a custom quote based on the specific need of every project. Talk to us today to get your free quote and schedule your house cleaning after renovation.

Our cleaning services are available in Melville, NY and Long Island. Give our office a phone call and send us an email.

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