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We have all used traditional cleaning products and wondered what exactly is in them. After that, we don’t give it any thought. However, by not using green cleaning products, we are actually damaging the health and safety of the home and environment. A lot of people are under the misconception that green cleaning products don’t work as well. Just about all cleaning products can easily be swapped with a green option and produce the same results. The green cleaning product additionally is better for surfaces, hands, and water supply. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle and time of green cleaning, contact Universal Maids LLC today and use our services.

Green Cleaning Practices for Your Home or Business

What is green cleaning exactly? This is using products that aren’t filled with harmful chemicals that damage the environment, home, and occupants. What isn’t there to like about green cleaning? The main con people have with this is that green cleaning products and procedures are hard to find and come by. Universal Maids LLC has 11 years of experience with green cleaning in your area. We have the products, knowledge, and time to promote healthier living. Be proactive and promote healthier living with green cleaning.

We Beleive in Eco-Friendly Practices for Our Customers

Want to know what exactly is in the cleaning bottle? With green cleaning, there is no guesswork about what is being sprayed on the surfaces and what you are breathing in. If there is a specific green cleaning procedure or product you have in mind, we can accommodate you. Our staff brings our own cleaning supplies but will adjust to your requirements. So if you want us to use baking soda, vinegar, or even lemon juice, just let us know what healthy cleaning option is right for you.

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Universal maids is one of the best cleaning services out there. I have been using them for many years now. I always get a thorough cleaning,the ladies do a great...
Kevin S.
I am really happy with this service! I was hesistant at first to find a cleaning company because of the covid situation but I luckily stumbled upon them. The girls...
Komel Z.
The women who took care of me really did amazing job my jaw dropped when I walk in my house felt brand new! Thank you for the great service !...
Tanas W.
I have been using UM from when we lived in queens in a 2BR condo and now in Long Island in a 5 BR house. They work fast, and clean...
Guarav V.