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Whether it is a small family event or a big business bash, cleaning is a task that can never be ignored. No matter how well an event has been planned, people can still leave behind litter and traipse dirt. The best advice is to plan the event cleaning or party cleanup in advance. That is exactly where the use of event cleaning services come into play.

If you are going to organize a social or business event soon, you should definitely hire the services of an event cleaning company so that the entire cleaning process can be planned effectively and thoroughly.

If you are looking for a reputed event cleaning services provider, you should feel free to get in touch with Universal Maids. Having operations in Melville, Nassau County, Suffolk County on Long Island, Universal Maids offers expert cleaning for a range of indoor and outdoor events.

Universal Maids offers cleaning services for a variety of events:

  • Concerts
  • Movies
  • Weddings
  • Fundraising Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Festivals
  • Political Rallies and Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Churches
  • Parties
  • Holidays

No matter how big your event is and whether it is private or public, Universal Maids has well-trained and highly dedicated cleaning professionals for performing event cleaning, after party cleaning and party cleanup services.

Our event cleaners are always at your service to keep your venue clean and tidy – before, during and after any indoor or outdoor event.

Cleaning a commercial space or a facility comes with its own challenges, particularly when an event is held. That is why you should always hire experts for this challenging cleaning task.

At Universal Maids, we have been offering event cleaning for over a decade. Our team of cleaning professionals are quite well-versed in dealing with the inevitable aftermath of a wide range of events. While conducting event cleaning, our cleaners cover all the messy areas. Whether it is the bar, catering area, stages, back of house areas or welfare facilities, our professionals will collect litter and garbage from all these areas and dispose of the waste as well.

When you choose to work with Universal Maids, you can feel confident that you have chosen a highly reputed maid service. We offer personalized cleaning services and our staff is quite well-versed and professional.

Pre Event Cleaning:

Whether it is a small family get-together or a large social event, keeping the venue clean and tidy is of utmost importance. Before the event begins, you should always make sure that everything at the venue is in good order.

Any kind of mess can throw waters on all your efforts and ruin the mood of guests.

If you have hired people to decorate the venue, you should pay close attention to cleanliness after they have completed the decoration. Get in touch with Universal Maids for a proper and thorough pre-event cleaning service.

During Event Cleaning:

You’ll always want your event to carry on without any mishaps or interruptions.

While the event is going on, you may face unexpected litter or mess at the venue. It is better to be well-prepared to deal with any kind of mishaps in regard to cleaning.

Whether it is the stage, different areas of the function hall or the restroom, you should have a cleaning team ready to deal with various types of cleaning needs that may arise during the event. Hire Universal Maids for effective cleaning during the event and have complete peace of mind.

After Event Cleaning:

Post-event cleaning is extremely important. After the event has finished, you are responsible to leave the venue in its original condition. This stage of cleaning is more challenging than pre-event cleaning and during event cleaning services. For thorough cleanup, you need to have a team of cleaners as well as the essential cleaning equipment and products. Event cleaners need to clean all the areas, surfaces and floors including the bathroom and kitchen. They also need to dispose of all the litter and garbage. Universal Maids can assist you with post-event or party cleanup tasks using the latest tools and techniques.

If you are planning an event, you should consider hiring the services of a reputed event cleaning company. Whether you are going to hold a big party, a business event, a concert, a trade exhibition, a rally or a convention, working with a professional cleaning company will make things a lot easier for you. The professional crew will take care of the event and party cleanup tasks. In fact, the cleaning tasks will be done fast and in a professional manner. Using professional event cleaning services mean you’ll be able to focus on and enjoy the event.

Universal Maids carries tons of experience in all the stages of event cleaning. If you are located in areas such as Melville, Nassau County, Suffolk County on Long Island, you should feel free to get in touch with this reputed service provider and plan your event cleanup ahead of time.

Why You Should Hire Universal Maids

Out there, you’ll come across many event cleaning services. But event cleanup is an overwhelming and challenging task. You shouldn’t hire just anyone for event cleanup or party cleanup. In fact, you should hire the services of a cleaning company that carries expertise in event cleaning.

Here’s why you should hire our event cleanup services:

Competitive Price:

Since there are different types and sizes of events, the prices of event cleaning services also vary. No matter what type of event it is, you’ll always find our pricing competitive. At Universal Maids, we also offer custom event cleaning packages to suit individual client needs. While working with us, you can be sure that our prices will be the best in the entire area and we’ll provide great value for your money through our high quality of services.

Experienced Event Cleaning Teams:

Whether it is pre-event cleaning, during the event cleaning or post-event cleaning, Universal Maids has several years of experience working with a range of clients.

We have successfully performed party cleanup, wedding cleaning, corporate event cleaning, festival cleaning, indoor event cleaning and outdoor event cleaning services.

All challenging and high-profile events require highly efficient and organized cleaning teams. Thanks to our top quality services and our committed event cleaners, clients come to us over and over again for a variety of cleanup tasks for all sizes of parties and events.


Though we appreciate being contacted in advance for event cleaning services, you can also call us at short notice. Our cleaning teams are always available to cater to your different event cleaning needs. We can commit to tight deadlines and work around your own schedules.

Pre-Event Support and Post-Event Cleaning:

Universal Maids offers support before the event as well as professional cleaning at the end of the event. Our company has talented event cleaners who are well-versed in all stages of party and event cleanup. Our company offers comprehensive cleanup services, event waste and packaging disposal with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured:

While performing party and event cleanup services, the safety of your assets is a top priority. Our event cleaners are licensed and bonded. So, you can be sure that your cleaning projects are in good hands. In case of damage of valuables or assets, you’re covered.

At parties and events, you’ll have a lot of fun. But the pre-event planning and the cleanup after the event can easily overwhelm you, if you don’t hire the event cleaning services of a professional company. Let Universal Maids take care of all the cleanup planning and all the residential and commercial event cleaning tasks so that you can get rid of worries and enjoy the party. Whether it is maid services, deep cleaning, house cleaning or cleaning for just one time, you can always rely on the trained and dedicated event cleaners at Universal Maids.

Whether you are organizing a day-long event or a week-long event, Universal Maids can take care of all event cleaning needs. Our event cleaning services include pre-event planning and support, on-site assessment, waste disposal and recycling, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming etc. Our event cleaners will also perform deep cleaning, as per your specific needs.

Get in Touch with Us Now For Event Cleanup

So, are you in search of a professional event cleaning company in Melville on Long Island?

If you are, feel free to give Universal Maids a quick call or send us your event cleaning requirements online.

Once we have assessed your needs, we can give you a free quote for your pre-event cleaning, during the event cleaning and after the event cleaning.

Contact us right away.

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