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Busy work life has made it extremely difficult for people to maintain a clean and proper home, mansion or apartment. When you can’t find enough time to do the household chores yourself, the most ideal option is to hire a housekeeping service, which is known for being trustworthy and reliable.

Home and property owners all across the world are increasingly hiring housekeepers to keep living spaces fresh, clean and tidy. Housekeepers can carry out a wide range of tasks such as cleaning the home, taking care of the pets and attending to the elderly in the home environment.

If your property is located in Melville on Long Island, you should get in touch with Universal Maids to hire certified and passionate housekeeping staff.

Our cleaning service offers multiple programs to suit the specific housekeeping needs of all types of property owners.

Universal Maids – Your Ideal Housekeeping Partner

We are much more than just a cleaning company. Right from day one, we have stayed focused on understanding each client’s needs and then offer them housekeepers that fulfill those needs in a professional manner. We started our cleaning business not to earn some quick bucks, but to seriously help clients keep a clean and tidy home and provide them peace of mind as a result.

Maintaining a proper home is not as easy as it may seem. It is real hard work, which takes several hours every week. You really don’t deserve to spend your free time on removing the mess and cleaning your home. Every spare minute that you get has value and you should spend all of your free time with your family and doing things that are close to your heart. While you have our team of housekeepers by your side, you don’t have to struggle to find cleaning time. Our highly trained maids can effectively and professionally handle all of your household cleaning needs. You will not even have to lift a finger and the housekeepers will keep your home fresh, neat and clean at all times while you enjoy your time with the family.

A home is beautiful and precious. We understand that your sentiments are attached to the home or property you own or live in. Whether it is the home or the assets inside it, our maids will treat every item with respect.

Types of Properties Our Housekeepers Maintain

For over 20 years, we have established ourselves as a highly competent, reliable and passionate team of professionals for the maintenance and cleaning of a wide range of properties. Throughout Long Island, our trained housekeepers work in a large number of homes and other buildings.

We offer housekeeping services for:

  • Primary residences
  • Residential complexes
  • Apartments
  • Rental properties
  • Condominiums
  • Vacation homes
  • Vacation rentals

Regardless of what type of property you live in and whether it is large or small, our housekeepers are expertly trained in taking care of the smallest details and turning spaces into spotlessly clean.

At the Universal Maids, we encourage all property owners to freely discuss their specific concerns for proper house or home maintenance. We like to hear what each of our clients has to say. If you are in search of a housekeeping service, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you may want.

Our experts will address all your concerns in a fully satisfying manner, so that you can make a well-informed decision and remain aware of what to expect from our housekeepers.

What Our Housekeeping Services Include
When you want to hire a housekeeper, you should remain aware of the different types of housekeeping services that are available. ‘Housekeeping service’ is actually a much broader term which can include so many tasks that a cleaning lady or maid can perform inside a home or residential building.

Here is what our housekeepers will do for you:

Tidy Up the Clutter:

Tidying up and getting rid of the clutter is an essential part of the cleaning process. If you have a messy home, our housekeeping maids will remove it and put the house in proper order. The maids are always prepared to follow each of your directions while they are doing their job. It suits our company to understand your needs and fulfill them in the best way.


We carry out vacuuming in every room of the property. Our housekeepers will vacuum all the floors, furniture, upholstery, rugs and carpets. Since there are various qualities and types of vacuum cleaners, our maids use the most ideal ones for fast and great results. We focus more on high-traffic areas in your property, as these spaces collect the most dust and dirt. The housekeepers take their time to perform vacuuming in a proper and professional manner.


Dust and dirt can remain hidden in places that are hard to reach or directly invisible. Our maids will clean all the visible surfaces as well as the sides and internal areas of cabinets, frames and fixtures. In fact, the cleaners will check each item where dust may remain hidden and give it a good dusting, so that your sweet home remains free from allergens, pathogens, germs etc.

Mopping the Floors:

Our housekeepers are well-trained in properly mopping all types of floors such as hardwood, luxury vinyl, tiles, laminate etc. We use a cleaning detergent which is the most suitable for the type of floor you have. If there are stubborn spots on the floor, the cleaning lady will stop to properly clean them. Mopping will always be done as per the floor material installed.


It is quite important to sanitize those areas which are frequently touched or used by you, your family or visitors. The spread of Covid-19 has shifted the focus from cleaning for a spotless look to cleaning for health. Our housekeepers remain up to date with the latest in the cleaning industry so as to ensure maximum protection against different kinds of harmful germs, bacteria and allergens. That is why our housekeeping services also include sanitizing all high-touch surfaces such as door knobs, kitchen countertops, TV remote, toilets etc.

After all the cleaning tasks and sanitization have been completed, our housekeeping maids will recheck the entire property to make sure not a single dirty space, corner or object is left uncleaned. Finally, the cleaners will also dispose of all the trash and straighten chairs, carpets and rugs.

How Universal Maids Can Help

All of our housekeeping maids carry ample experience in managing a range of homes and other rental properties. Also, they are insured and bonded.

So, you can feel fully confident that your lovely home, apartment or mansion is in safe and skilled hands. The best part is that before we dispatch housekeepers to your property, we make sure they are a great match for the tasks you have.

If you are in search of a housekeeping service which suits your budget and schedule, give our office a phone call or send us an email for your free consultation.

Our services are available in Melville, Hicksville, Garden City and Huntington and its surrounding areas across Long Island.

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