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Everyone gets disorganized when given enough time. Mess, clutter, dirt, and garbage accrues when a space is not actively maintained. If you find yourself in a disaster zone with no way out, give us a call for our organizing services. We provide precise, methodical, and structured cleaning services for the home and business in your area today.

Universal Maids LLC Can Help You Organize Your Home

Sometimes we inherit someone’s mess. A loved one passes away or moves on to new opportunities. You are then left with their clutter. It might seem like an overwhelming and daunting task, but by calling Universal Maids LLC we take the brunt of the burden by getting everything organized. Want to donate, sell or throw away? Our staff can assist with all the tough decisions by making the process streamlined and easy for you.

We’ll Help You Get Organized and Stay Organized

Clutter comes in all forms and in all areas of the home and office. It is easy to not throw things out and then have total disorder in the closet, household, or office. Don’t feel embarrassed or fearful about having a stranger in your space. We aren’t judging your items or the condition of the home. Our team has over ten years of in-field experience and builds long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our goal is your comfort and satisfaction with our services. Allow our professionals to come in with careful hands to get all items back into their places. We can do a simple cleaning or organize the belongings in a more orderly manner. We provide customized cleaning options for your convenience. Remember, a messy space is not only stressful, it isn’t conducive to productivity and efficiency. Let us get you back on track.

What your neighbors are saying
Around The Town
I am really happy with this service! I was hesistant at first to find a cleaning company because of the covid situation but I luckily stumbled upon them. The girls...
Komel Z.
I have been using UM from when we lived in queens in a 2BR condo and now in Long Island in a 5 BR house. They work fast, and clean...
Guarav V.
Universal maids is one of the best cleaning services out there. I have been using them for many years now. I always get a thorough cleaning,the ladies do a great...
Kevin S.
The women who took care of me really did amazing job my jaw dropped when I walk in my house felt brand new! Thank you for the great service !...
Tanas W.