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Have you used a housekeeper or a maid cleaning service before?

Regular cleaning of your house or apartment is essential.

However, handling this task on your own can prove to be challenging for various reasons.

For an untrained person, it is easy to thoroughly clean or leave out many areas in the home because they are hard to reach.

A hectic work schedule, travel and illness are other reasons which can obstruct the routine cleaning of your home.

But that is exactly what a maid service is meant for.

A trained maid will help you keep your house neat and clean at all times.

They will not only thoroughly clean every nook and crevice of your house, but they will also complete the job in a swift and professional manner while saving you lots of time.

Professionals are expertly trained in the use of latest cleaning techniques, equipment and tools to thoroughly clean or deep-clean a house or apartment.

They can prove to be your best cleaning assistant.

Welcome to Universal Maids Service

No matter where you reside, you’ll come across multiple maid cleaning services, house cleaners and housekeepers. However, most of these service providers will turn out to generic cleaning companies.

Universal Maids is a top quality maid service, not a run-of-the-mill cleaning company that you can find in large numbers. Based in Melville, NY, our company offers skilled and experienced maids who are known for painstaking attention to detail. Sure, we know how to do the heavy grunt-work of cleaning bathtubs, scrubbing tiles, as well as the common cleaning tasks like vacuuming and washing the floors. However, we go above and beyond the obvious messes.

Why Choose Our Maid Service for the Cleaning of Your House, Apartment, Condos and Office

Peace of mind is what anyone who hires a maid service or house cleaners looks for. This peace comes from feeling confident that you are working with a house cleaning partner who can fully trust.

Here is why you should hire us:

Focus on Clients:

Unlike many other maid services out there, we take the time to listen to and understand your needs. Particularly, we focus on the special requests our esteemed clients have for various rooms and spots in their homes, apartments or business places. As per specific requests, we can also do light organizing in various areas of the home. You want the inside of your fridge scoured, polished and organized? Our maids have got it covered!

Trained Cleaning Maids:

Our professionally trained staff is able to provide office and house cleaning services that will most definitely live up to the highest of standards. As well you can feel comfortable knowing our staff is confidential, which is all the more important when they are cleaning an office that is filled with sensitive and private documents/information.

Attention to Detail:

We never miss the little details that make a space look truly spotless. We dust the blinds and the ceiling fans. We clean behind your fridge and stove. We spot-clean the walls. The windows, where the light enters your home, are also an easily neglected item that we focus on polishing to a shining glory. Our house cleaners will reach and clean every corner of the house or apartment. Whether it’s a one time cleaning for a move out day or a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, our attention to detail will delight and impress you.

Flexible Schedule:

Don’t worry if you have a tight work schedule. We can work around your schedule. As per your choice, we can clean while your office is closed, or you’re not at home or apartment. If you feel more comfortable, we can certainly clean your place while you are there and just work around you. You are the client, which means you have the control.

There are so many reasons people rely on our maid services today, not just where their home is concerned but also their office. Here at Universal Maids, we are committed to helping our clients in the Queens, New York and surrounding areas keep their residential and office spaces clean. You can rely on us completely for cleaning those large spaces, and the small ones.

We understand you’ve got a busy and hectic life, yet at the same time you demand a clean and safe environment to live and work in.

Let Our Representatives Have a Look Inside Your Property

Whatever your specific cleaning needs are, you should feel free to contact our maid service and discuss it in detail. It is a good idea to put together a list of all those house cleaning tasks that you want our maid or cleaning lady to perform before you talk to us over the phone. After the initial consultation, our representatives will make a visit to your place to assess what needs to be done.

A visit to your house, apartment or office will help us make sure there are no hidden surprises for our cleaning maids. It is important for both our maid service and you on the same page as to what all needs to be cleaned.

When expecting our representatives, many homeowners try to clean their home and apartments. That is not required at all. Leaving your home exactly in the condition it is makes our assessment easy and quick. Therefore, don’t take this trouble, as this is not going to help us in any way.

In fact, it can increase the mess further and our company representatives will find it hard to evaluate the amount of cleaning that your property or office actually requires.

After our representatives have taken a good look around your home and evaluated what needs to be done, they will choose the maids for the job and schedule the cleaning task as per your convenience.

Our Range of Cleaning Services

We offer a wide variety of cleaning services to our clients so that you will be satisfied each and every time we clean your space. Sometimes a space may just need a light cleaning, whereas other times you need a more thorough and in-depth cleaning. While some of our clients have our maids come in many times a week or once a week, other clients just hire us for those special events where they don’t have the time or energy to get the cleaning done.

Our gamut of maid services include residential cleaning, office cleaning, deep cleaning, move out cleaning, event cleaning etc. We operate in Melville, Seaford, Garden City, Hicksville, Plainview, Hempstead, Westbury, Syosset, Rockville Centre, Valley Stream, Floral Park, Mineola, and Woodbury.

If you are looking for expertly trained, experienced and reliable maids to clean your property, give Universal Maids a quick call. Alternatively, you can also send us your information via email.

We are a Highly Referred Maid Service
Clients like to hire maids from our company over and over again. This is because our cleaning maids are not only professional, but they also carry extensive experience in a wide range of housekeeping tasks.

When looking for housekeepers, trust and reputation are two things that matter the most. Universal Maids has built a solid reputation for working in a transparent manner while sharing all the information about permits and insurance with clients. As the cleaning of your property goes on, clients feel concerned about their privacy and the protection of the assets. Our maid cleaning service is fully reliable and you can be confident that our professional cleaners will respect your sense of security and ensure the safety of your possessions.

We have cleaned a wide range of houses, apartments and commercial spaces for clients from all kinds of backgrounds. Our maids have a long history of being reliable, attentive, hardworking and loyal. We can provide you with the list of some prominent clients who have hired our maids.

Universal Maids is extremely grateful to all the clients who use our home cleaning and office cleaning services. It is your firm belief in our company which has made our maid service a highly referred one.

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