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Fresh spring air heralds the start of a new season. It is a perfect time to take a closer look at the environment inside your home.

Your house, mansion or apartment might need complete tidying up to get rid of the dust and dirt that were left unremoved during the routine cleaning task.

A couple of times every year, homeowners should invest in quality cleaning, so that the entire property gets comprehensive cleaning and the environment inside the home becomes healthy and safe.

That is exactly where spring cleaning services come into play.

Spring cleaning means thorough cleaning of the house so that every item inside looks and smells good. In fact, this type of cleaning is an ideal way to start spring on a good note and feel fresh.

At the Universal Maids, we provide top quality spring cleaning services for a wide range of residential properties including houses, mansions, condos, apartments, private dwellings, dormitories etc. Our services are specially designed to cater to the specific needs of each client and give every home the attention that it truly deserves for a fresh and healthy environment.

Universal Maids – Your Most Ideal Spring Cleaning Partner

Spring cleaning is no small feat. In fact, it is a detailed cleaning project which demands a great deal of effort, skills and experience. Located in Melville, NY, Universal Maids is a lot more than just a cleaning company. We are your most ideal cleaning partner that you can always rely on for giving your home a perfect spring cleaning and enjoy a fresh and happy start for the new season.

Our spring cleaning procedure is based on several years of experience that we have gained through hard work. We have designed an elaborate step-by-step process which focuses on every area of a home. If you plan for thorough cleaning in the springtime, you should head straight to our company.

Universal Maids has a long list of satisfied clients from all across Long Island and its nearby areas. We understand the cleaning needs and expectations of the modern-day homeowner and know how to fully satisfy each of them with high quality service. That is exactly the reason why our list of clients continues to grow year after year.

Therefore, do not think of us as a cleaning company like most of the service providers out there. We are not in this business to earn some quick bucks. Cleaning has remained our strongest passion from day one. As your cleaning partner, we offer complete home cleaning solutions to suit your needs.

What Our Spring Cleaning Service Includes

Our spring cleaners carry a checklist, which includes every room, area and item that needs to be cleaned. Our professionals will have a discussion with you to explain the entire procedure before cleaning begins. Based on the specific needs of your house, we develop a spring cleaning strategy, which ensures every item on the checklist receives proper attention. Then, our maids and cleaners will sweep, vacuum, mop, wash, clean and shine every area of your home.

All Rooms:

Our pro cleaners will closely review the mess in every room of your house. There are several areas inside a room, which often gets ignored during general or routine cleaning. For example, baseboards often become dirty and grimy over time. We will find dust and dirt no matter where it is hidden and remove it without damaging the quality and colors of the items.

From one corner of the house to another, our highly trained spring cleaners will deliver you spotlessly clean and shiny rooms.


General cleaning is often insufficient for thoroughly tidying up each item and every surface inside the kitchen. The kitchen has multiple cooking appliances and items that gather a lot of grease and grime over time. For example, the oil slick in the cabinets will not go away with general cleaning. Spring cleaning is, therefore, essential to clean every cooking appliance to the bare metal. Our well-trained maids will restore the shine of your kitchen and all its items.

Living Room:

The chairs, tables and sofas also require proper attention. The fabric that covers the sofas and the furniture upholstery gather stains which are hard to remove. Plus, dust and dirt also get captured inside the pores of carpets, rugs and other fabric. To get rid of all this dust, dirt and stains, you will need spring cleaning services. All maids at the Universal Maids have the skills and training to perform spring cleaning of the living room in an effective manner.


The bedroom is the most important place in a house, as you rest and sleep there after a tiresome day at work. It is not just the ceilings, walls and floors that need proper cleaning, but you also need to thoroughly clean the bed sheets and the pillow cases on a regular basis. If you have not given the sheets and cases a good wash in weeks or months, you are certainly in need of spring cleaning. Our cleaners will properly wash all the bed sheets and pillow cases as well as the mattresses and the bed pad using the right products and techniques.

In addition to this, our highly proficient cleaning maids will also share with you multiple useful tips to have an organized closet.


One of the key duties of the spring cleaner is to identify all the high-touch items and surfaces inside the home. There are some objects that are touched more often than others. These include TV, music system, remote, video game set and many other such electronic gadgets. If left uncleaned for long, these objects can become infected and carry harmful germs. Among high-touch areas are door knobs, handles and rails among others. All these areas require proper attention and effective spring cleaning so that your home becomes a safe haven.

Feel confident that our expert home cleaners will track each item in the house and make it clean and free from germs. While carrying out cleaning, they will also ensure that your valuables do not suffer damage.


Taking a bath under a dirty shower does not give you relaxation, but stresses you. Whether it is the shower (rods and rings), bath tub, counters, glasses or the basin, each of these should remain clean, if you plan to have a relaxing shower and stay away from allergies and illnesses. Since the bathroom is a moist place, it is more likely to become a hotspot for the growth of various types of harmful bacteria and germs. That is why, you should keep every area of the bathroom neat and clean all the time. If it has been a long time since the last deep clean, you should schedule a spring cleaning of the bathroom without any delay. Our cleaning lady and maids will tackle this cleaning task in a professional manner.

Why You Should Hire Our Services

Universal Maids brings you a complete home solution, which ensures every inch of your residence looks nice and smells good. Our spring cleaning services utilize the latest tools and equipment to deliver the best quality. Our detail-driven methodology sets us apart from other service providers in the industry. Our professional maids offer results that speak volumes of our hard work.

We put our clients’ needs above everything else. If you are planning for a spring clean, you can first reach out to one of our representatives and schedule your free consultation with us. We listen to your concerns and answer your most important questions in regard to house or apartment cleaning. It is our foremost duty to keep each client aware of what to expect and help them make informed decisions. Before a cleaning project begins, we ensure that both we and the client are on the same page. We have always delivered on our promises and fulfilled our quality guarantee. If you have any issue with our services, you are encouraged to call our office in Melville immediately and our pro cleaners will remedy the situation as quickly as possible. It is our goal to keep each of our clients happy and satisfied. If you are still unhappy with the job, we will perform the next spring cleaning of your house for free.

Get a Free Cost Estimate

Give our office at Universal Maids a phone call or write us an email to find out how we can help you and what to expect.

Post-discussion, our professionals will send you a free cost estimate for your cleaning project.

Our service areas for spring cleaning include Melville, Hicksville, Garden City, Huntington and the closely located areas all throughout the Long Island in the state of New York.

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