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Mental health has become an important issue now more than ever. During recent times, the coronavirus pandemic has caused people a lot of stress. There are various ways that you can use to maintain your mental health while eliminating excessive stress from your lives. While you may try yoga and meditation and use a mindfulness app, keeping your house clean and organized is also an excellent way to benefit your mental health and improve your overall health.

But are you fully aware of the key mental health benefits that having a clean house can bring you? Given below are five of the most important such benefits that you can reap by simply keeping your house clean.

1. Reduce Your Stress Level

Seeing clutter around in your home can easily make you feel stressed. While you may not realize it, a cluttered home has a negative impact on your mental health. If you feel stressed out, a surefire way to reduce your stress level is to clean and organize all the areas of your home.

You don’t have to clean all the house at once. Select one area at a time and start giving it a good clean. Even if you just organize your closet, you’ll feel better and less stressed than you felt before starting the task. Researches reveal that people with messy homes or cluttered spaces in their house or apartment have a higher level of cortisol than those who have a clean home.

2. Gain a Sense of Control in Your Life

Life can sometimes make you feel heavily burdened. This is more common when you are going through a difficult phase in your life. While uncertainties come and go, it is crucial to keep your life under control.

Thankfully, cleaning your house is a good way to get the feeling that you have the ability to control your life in tough times. When you get yourself to cleaning your house and do it on a regular basis, you acquire a sense of mastery over the environment. Most of all, when your house is in a mess, it can put you under pressure and take away the focus that you need so much. When your house is tidy and organized, you’ll find yourself in a good mood and get back your lost focus. And then, it will become easy to pay attention to your work life and projects.

3. Sleep Better

Clean house and mental health are closely related. A clean and uncluttered house offers multiple benefits. Just think how you feel when you go to sleep in a bedroom while it is messy and cluttered.

A bedroom is a crucial place in a house. This is the room where you rest and sleep to recharge yourself. If the bedroom is not in order, it can make you feel bad and ruin your sleep quality altogether. Nothing feels much better than a well-organized bedroom which has clean sheets. Having a restful sleep will, in turn, improve your mood. You’ll feel happy and energized.

4. Increase Your Productivity

Productivity at work is of utmost importance. How much you’ll grow in a job depends on the level of your productivity. When you work productively, you’ll perform better and deliver better results.

What happens when you lack productivity? You won’t feel like working on a project or completing a task. Worse still, you’ll continue to procrastinate and miss one deadline after another. A disorganized home will reduce your productivity level, and whenever you look at the clutter in your home, you’ll feel lazy and keep on putting off tasks for a later date. On the other hand, a clean home and organized home will boost your level of productivity. When every space in your house is in order, you’ll automatically want to get stuff done. That is how the human mind functions. Therefore, have a clean house to have better productivity levels.

5. Build Social Confidence

There is a relationship between a clean home and social confidence as well. How do you feel when you invite friends and colleagues to a cluttered and messy home? It makes you feel less confident.

A messy home will lead to anxiety. Having your house clean and well-kept will remove your anxiety and make you feel happier. When you are happy and confident inside, you’ll be so outside as well. Your state of mind travels with you when you step out. If you have a clean home, you’ll feel more confident to welcome guests inside. When you go out, you’ll build social confidence.

These are some of the most important mental health benefits of a clean, well-kept and organized house or apartment. There are many other benefits that you’ll experience yourself as you get started with cleaning. The benefits of cleanliness aren’t limited to your mental health alone. When you have a clean house, you’ll fall sick less often – and your physical health will improve too.

Useful Tips to Keep Your House Clean

Cleaning a house or apartment on your own can take a lot of time and effort. If you are a busy working professional in particular, doing the cleaning can become overwhelming. If you have decided to do it all by yourself, you should not attempt to clean all the rooms and areas of the house at once. Instead, you should divide the cleaning task into smaller chunks to make it easy. Even if you prepare yourself to do some cleaning for 20-30 minutes a day, you’ll be able to see a big difference after a couple of days. Each small cleaning will make you feel better. It is also a good idea to request a friend to give you a hand with your cleaning.

When you get started with the cleaning of your home, you should focus on decluttering first and then do the cleaning part. Deal with one room at a time and get rid of all those things that you don’t need. If you are cleaning a room, experts suggest you begin at the top first and then work down.

Get Professional Cleaning Help!

The reality is house cleaning is not an easy task. While it takes time and effort, you’ll also need the right set of cleaning tools and equipment as well as products to do the job right. If you are pressed for time or planning to hire professional cleaners, you should head straight to Universal Maids. We offer top quality house cleaning services in and around Melville, NY. Whether you live in a house, apartment or mansion, our expert cleaners will clean every space of your residence in a professional manner, exactly as per your specific cleaning requirements. We can come up with a customized plan and work around your own schedules. Our list of satisfied clients is quite long and the list is available to new clients on request.

We specialize in basic house cleaning as well as deep house cleaning. Give us a phone call or send us a quick email with your specific cleaning needs and we’ll get back to you for further discussion. We are serving a wide range of clients throughout Long Island and looking forward to serving you too.

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