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Regular cleaning of the house is essential, however, most homeowners just don’t have the time. Between work, the kids, extracurricular activities, appointments, and much-needed vacations, there isn’t much time left over. It is easy for mold, dirt, and pet dander to accrue and reside in unhealthy living conditions. Take advantage of our maid service in Long Island, NY. Our trained maids have over a decade of in-field experience and strive to keep your home neat and tidy. A maid not only keeps the house smelling, feeling, and looking fresh but completes the job in a swift manner to save you time and stress.

Maid Services in Long Island, NY

Our professionals are trained in the latest and greatest cleaning techniques and gadgets. We have the tools to get into hard-to-reach places and areas that maybe you don’t even think about. Our maids provide precision cleaning and go above and beyond just wiping the surfaces. Hire a maid service with prompt, professional, and trustworthy services in Long Island, NY.

Do You Need Cleaning Services? Universal Maids LLC is Here to Help

Other maid services have particular products they use, times they come into the home, and limitations. When you call Universal Maids LLC for your maid service needs, we listen to you. If you have a specific product you want to use in the home, then that is what we use. Do you want a one-time cleaning or a weekly date and time? We accommodate that as well. We tailor the cleaning date to your wants and needs. If you are really hoping we deep clean the fridge or scrub the grout lines in the tile, simply let us know!

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Around The Town
Universal maids is one of the best cleaning services out there. I have been using them for many years now. I always get a thorough cleaning,the ladies do a great...
Kevin S.
I am really happy with this service! I was hesistant at first to find a cleaning company because of the covid situation but I luckily stumbled upon them. The girls...
Komel Z.
I have been using UM from when we lived in queens in a 2BR condo and now in Long Island in a 5 BR house. They work fast, and clean...
Guarav V.
The women who took care of me really did amazing job my jaw dropped when I walk in my house felt brand new! Thank you for the great service !...
Tanas W.